First soccer practice

Tonight my daughter had her first soccer practice. This makes me officially a soccer dad and further justifies my admiration of the mini van parked in front of the house. Last week, the soccer organization had an evaluation for the under 6 league. They gauged the capability of the kids to make the teams as even as … Continue reading First soccer practice

It’s Time: Apply For Early Access to Your Own .blog Domain Name

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If you’ve been looking for the perfect address for your blog, it’s about to get even easier. Millions of new .blog domain names (like will be available this November — and starting today, you can apply to secure your own domain name. Just go to and apply… Continue reading It’s Time: Apply For Early Access to Your Own .blog Domain Name

Surf City

There’s a small diner somewhere between here and the Atlantic Ocean. It’s not much to look at, nothing real special or unique about this diner. Across from the rotating dessert display case is the cash register. Under the glass counter are a few different candy options. I always choose the fruit chews, strawberry. We get back in … Continue reading Surf City

Kids grow up fast

Yesterday the family visited the zoo to celebrate our son’s first birthday. Everyone had a lot of fun making memories feeding giraffes and checking out all the animals. Based on the laughter, smiles, and wonder at seeing these exotic animals in real life, it’s safe to assume he enjoyed the experience. It’s a bittersweet thing … Continue reading Kids grow up fast

Keller Kölsch

I love brewing as many styles of beer as I can. It helps me get familiar with different styles and ingredients, and it keeps the brewing process from getting stale. Although I am looking forward to brewing more of my Double IPA, continuing to tweak the recipe and really nail it. This time I brewed … Continue reading Keller Kölsch